Topics this week:
- Trent Mongero
- Player Development
- Winning Baseball
- The athlete today vs 25 years ago

This weeks topics:

- New NCAA Rulings with COVID

- MLB Updates

- Will there be Minor League Baseball?

- BIC Showcases Tournaments

- USA Baseball NTIS

This week:

- Queens University of Charlotte Head Coach Ross Steedley

- Travel Ball today

- COVID Update


- Many laughs

We were Facebook Live talking Arm and Body Care during COVID-19 with Alan Tyson (Architech Sports).

- Should young athletes lift weights?

- Step by Step instructions on Arm Care

- How much long toss should a player do?

- Working out the correct way

- Many memories and laughs

Topics this week:

- Phillies 3B Coach Dusty Wathan on the show

- Behind the scenes of the MLB

- Old School Drills vs New School Drills

- Mental preparation 

- Many laughs

This weeks topics:

- NCBCA President & Weddington HS Baseball Head Coach Travis Poole

- High School vs Showcase Baseball

- COVID19 Effects on High School Seniors

- Cutting grass when you don't have to cut grass


This Weeks Topics:

- St. Louis Cardinals Manager Mike Shildt on the Podcast

- Special Guest: UNCC Baseball Associate Head Coach Bo Robinson

- COVID effects on the MLB and College Baseball

- College Baseball Recruiting

- Many Laughs

- Slumpbusters

- Friendships the game provided

- Brian Holman's one out away from perfection

- Many laughs

Topics this week:

- MLB Draft

- Shegone Hitting (Jeff Frye) joins us

- College Recruiting

- New Baseball impacts from COVID

- Many laughs

On this weeks Schaefer Baseball Report Former MLB Player Jeff Schaefer, Ray Torres and Andrew Zike get on the phone with Chris Vetetoe (Stick & Ball TV).  Topics this week:

- Player Development

- Coronavirus new impacts

- What is Stick & Ball TV?

- Stick & Ball TV's COVID approach

- Many laughs

- Facebook LIVE 

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